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"Kickboxing for Fun and Fitness”

"We can "Beat" your aerobics class!”

U.M.A.S. Fitness Kickboxing is an 800 calorie burning, stress relieving, energizing, waist slimming, confidence building, thigh tightening, hip hardening, heavy bag pounding, strength developing, reflex enhancing, fun and exciting total fitness workout!

Ready for a tremendous workout?

Kickboxing for exercise is hot and getting hotter. Considered one of the most effective and quickest ways to stay in shape by fitness experts, Fitness Kickboxing is the fastest growing physical fitness program in the country.

High intensity excitement!

The popularity of Fitness Kickboxing has exploded since the sport hit the media spotlight when Michelle Pfeiffer, Candice Bergen, Jodie Foster, Cindy Crawford and Paula Abdul all began Fitness Kickboxing to stay in shape. Kickboxing burns more calories and tones the body better than any aerobics program now being offered.

Getting in shape has never been more fun!

Our trained and professional instructors teach techniques like jabbing, punching, and kicking. Best of all, you burn calories at an absolutely incredible rate - 800 calories per hour! Muscle and Fitness magazine rated Fitness Kickboxing as the number one calorie burning workout!

It is not your typical martial arts program!

Fitness Kickboxing is sweeping the nation. It's not your typical martial arts program. Classes are for adults only. You wear regular workout clothes. No belts or uniforms required. There is no physical contact. No experience necessary. All classes are overseen by certified instructors and martial arts experts - not aerobics instructors - do not be fooled by the health clubs.

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