"Changing the World One Black Belt at a Time!"


Serving Our Community


We are proud to have been serving Newton, Rockdale, and the surrounding  area for over 30 years. Our classes are for ages 3-103 and you are never too young or too old to get started. We currently have two full time locations offering flexible; and year round schedules meeting your busy family’s needs.

At Jim Fuller’s U.M.A.S. Karate, classes are not just about punching and kicking. We teach our students from the inside out. Helping to build confidence, determination, focus, and courage in all of our students as they go through our program. We teach karate not just as another sport but as an educational journey which helps to develop values, principles, and good habits that will last a life time.

Get started on your journey today by calling the school closest to you. “Every journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.” We look forward to seeing you soon!


Highly Qualified Instructors

UMAS Karate Instructors are the best at what they do because they put PEOPLE first, KARATE second!  

We love seeing our students GROW both inside and outside of the school.  The MARTIAL ARTS are simply the tool that we use to teach traits such as focus, concentration, listening skills, courtesy, respect, self discipline and control, just to name a few.

We love seeing our teens and adults become more confident through exercise and self defense skills.

Our instructors support the parents and teachers 100% and strive to see our student in common become a BLACK BELT at home, at school, and at karate!

In addition, our instructors are Home Grown!  They all came up through the very same program you or your child are now enrolled in.  Through our instructor training course they have become the leaders that you see on the mat today!


Our Philosophy

UMAS is here to make the community a better place to live work and play.  We will accomplish this through teaching positive characteristics such as courtesy, respect, positive attitude, patience, perseverance, self discipline and self control to all of our students and by setting a positive example inside and outside the school.  

Our second goal is to give our students the confidence and skills in which to protect themselves and their families if that situation should arise.  First and foremost we teach our students how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way.

As an added benefit our next goal is for all of our students at UMAS Karate to achieve a high level of physical fitness through their martial arts training.  This will build confidence and respect which will in turn carry over into their daily lives.  

Finally, we pledge to provide a highly trained professional staff, clean facility, top quality instruction, and a high level of customer service at all times.