Instructor/Staff Profiles

Jim Fuller


 Mr. Jim Fuller 

Rank: 6th Degree
Training Since 1984

I have been actively training for over 30 years! "I love the martial arts as a whole. The structure and discipline is very much needed in our society today. I enjoy learning and practicing self defense techniques. I enjoy working with my wife Courtney. She is my inspiration and my strength!

I enjoy teaching all ages from 3 to 93. Sharing what I have learned with others brings great satisfaction. Seeing my students get better than me is the most awesome feeling. Having a parent tell me that karate has helped their child in school or helped him protect himself is all the reward I need.

Part of my goals are to see UMAS Karate become the leader in character education and martial arts instruction for the whole family through providing superb customer service and a highly trained professional staff.

My greatest accomplishment was seeing my son "Lil' Jim" although not so little anymore earn his black belt. He struggled for years but finally made it. He is my protégé."

Courtney Fuller


 Mrs. Courtney Fuller
Director of Operations
Rank: 2nd Degree 

Training Since 2004

I enjoy karate whether I'm teaching it or learning it. It has done a lot for me personally and I've seen what it's done for so many others as well. I love working with my husband he is an amazing man and is the source of everything that we do.

I love watching children learn. I must say that the Lil Dragon's class is my favorite. I love seeing the smile on their face and the light in their eyes when they know they "got it". I am blessed to be able to teach our students 1st karate class and see what they are when they walk in the door and watch what they become. I love it when parents tell me their child has taken something they learned at karate and applied it at home or at school. Seeing that what I do on a daily basis impacts a child's life makes it all worth it for me."

Cameron Miles


 Mr. Cameron Miles
Head Instructor Salem Road School
Rank: 4th Degree
Training Since 2001

"I began training for the same reasons that a lot of children begin training at UMAS: My parents knew that training in Karate would help me develop the self-discipline to be responsible for myself, the confidence to face challenges and stand up for myself, the self-control to make good decisions, and the determination to overcome obstacles. I had an amazing group of instructors that helped me develop these qualities, and now I have the privilege to teach these qualities to my students. I take immense pride in the responsibility of helping UMAS Karate achieve the goal of "Changing the world, one Black Belt at a time." 

Rocky Pascale


  Program Director

2nd Degree Black Belt

Training Since 2013

My name is Rocco Pascale and I am a 2nd degree black belt. I started taking martial arts in 2013 with my wife and 3 girls at UMAS Karate. I am currently the program director at the Salem Road school and love having the opportunity to share our families experiences, benefits, and successes we have achieved at UMAS Karate.

Carolyn Pascale


  Assistant Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Training Since 2013

My name is Carolyn Pascale and I have been training in martial arts since I was 11 years old. As of right now I am a 2nd degree black belt. I absolutely love teaching karate because I get to help my students reach the goals they set.

Emily Pascale


Assistant Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Training Since 2013

My name is Emily Pascale and I am a 2nd degree black belt. I started training in martial arts in 2013. Right now I am an instructor at UMAS Karate. I enjoy teaching karate. because I love sharing everything that I’ve learned while training in martial arts. 

Casey Rumbaugh


Student Manager

Instructors in training

Our current instructors in training,

Denise Palmer


Program Director

2nd Degree Black Belt

Training Since 2013

I am a karate mom, two of my kids have gone on to earn their 3rd and 4th degree black belts. That is over 15 years with UMAS Karate!! This school has had a huge influence in the raising my kids. They are more than ready to go out into the world with the focus and self confidence. So now, I am getting my own unique experience at UMAS. As the karate mom .. sitting in the lobby watching my kids work and earn each belt. As one of the school's program directors, behind the desk.. greeting the parents and students..helping to keep them informed..  Now as a student ,a 1st degree black belt working my way to the 2nd degree,..on the mat..taking advantage of the health and fitness Karate provides. I think that brings me full circle.

Noah Williams


Head Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Training since 2013

Why you love what you do?  "Because I want to make a change in the world."and teaching karate to kids is making a good difference.

Jonathan Blackwell


Assistant Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt

Training since 2005

"I enjoy teaching both kids and adults on how to better themselves while teaching them how to defend themselves."

Stephen DesPres


Assistant Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt

Training Since 



Student Manager

Eric John


Assistant Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt