UMAS Karate Birthday Parties

Karate Birthday Party Includes...

  1. VIP Coupon for lessons for each guest
  2. 1 1/2 hr Party
  3. Karate Introductory Class
  4. Karate Games
  5. Board to Break for the B-Day child
  6. Tables & Chairs
  7. Limited to 20 children
  8. Limited to local residents
  9. Limited to Saturday 11:30 PM

P.S. Remember to bring your camera!

Age Specific Parties

Karate Birthday Party (5-6 years old)

Your child has made some new friends in school this year. Why not invite them all for a really great party? Each game is designed for a specific age group, so you will see different games at each party. That's why every party is different and some parents book their party for next year before this one is over.

Friends and Family Karate Birthday Party (7-12 yrs old)

Kick back and relax with the adult members of your family and friends. Great opportunity for a family get-together while the kids have their party. We have plenty of room and parking.

Additional Information...

"Mom, my best birthday party was the Karate one at U..M.A.S. Karate!"

We hear this all the time. We get kids that have their parties here two and three years in a row. Every party is different, It's a safe, fun and successful event. And best of all Mom and Dad can enjoy watching the kids in action. Parents bring a camera-its a must. And remember to invite the other parents to stay and relax in a comfortable room while they still can watch and enjoy the excitement and energy of their own child's activity.

The Birthday party has a curriculum just like our classes. Every minute is filled with safe, fun and meaningful activities. Our instructors are educators and therefore you will find a message of positive enforcement in every skill and drill that the children do. You will not see kids running around in a wild uncontrolled environment, or standing around being bored.

The party is a fast paced, action filled, excitement packed, music friendly experience - one that gives us repeat customers time and again.

Kids have fun while they learn safe basic karate skills. One of which is a "Black Belt Listening Skill".

Tell your guests that no one needs Martial Arts experience. So everybody 3 & up will be able to join in. The Birthday child can be an "leader" at his own party if he/she is not presently a student.

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