U.M.A.S. 2016 Calendar

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January: (Goal Setting)
4th - 9th Stripe prep week
11th - 12th Stripe exam #1 (8 classes)
8th Jedi Parent’s Night Out
28th Picture Day Covington
29th - 30th Picture Day Salem Road
29th Board Breaking Seminar

February: (Compassion)
1st - 6th Stripe prep week
8th - 9th Stripe exams #2 (16 classes)
12th Parent’s Night Out– Pajamas
13th Bring your sweetheart to class
26th Bokken Seminar
27th St. Jude’s Kick a thon
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March: (Self Control)
29th - 5th Stripe prep week
7th - 8th Stripe exams #3 (24 classes)
11th Parent’s Night Out– Super Heroes!
18th In school Graduation
19th Leadership Bo Staff begins
25th Tournament Prep Seminar

April: (Respect and Courtesy)
4th - 9th Stripe prep week
8th Parent’s Night Out
11th - 12th Stripe exam #1 (8 classes)
16th Interschool Tournament #1

May: (Patience)
2nd - 7th Stripe prep week
7th Bring Mom to class Day
9th - 10th Stripe exam #2 (16 classes)
13th Parent’s Night Out
20th - 21st Black Belt Exams
28th - 30th Closed for Memorial Day

June: (Honesty & Integrity)
30th - 4th Stripe prep
6th - 7th Stripe exam #3 (24 classes)
10th Parent’s Night Out
18th Black Belt graduation
20th Leadership Sai begin
24th Sparring Seminar
25th Bring Dad to Class

July: (Black Belt Excellence)
4th Closed Happy Independence Day
5th - 9th Stripe prep week
8th Parent’s Night Out
11th - 12th Stripe exam #1 (8 classes)
23rd interschool Tournament #2

August: (Focus and Concentration)
1st - 6th Stripe prep week
8th - 9th Stripe exam #2 (16 classes)
20th Open House
26th Back to School Sleep Over!

September: (Black Belt Attitude)
3rd - 5th Closed Labor Day
6th - 10th Stripe prep week
9th Parents Night Out
12th - 13th Stripe exam #3 (24 classes)
23rd In school Graduation
24th Leadership nunchaku begins
30th Tournament Prep Seminar

October: (Kindness)
3rd - 8th Stripe prep week
10th - 11th Stripe exam #1 (8 classes)
14th Parent’s Night Out– wear your costume
22nd interschool Tournament #3
28th Trunk or Treat 6-8pm
31st Closed Halloween

November: (Gratitude)
1st - 5th Stripe prep week
7th - 8th Stripe exam #2 (16 classes)
11th Parent’s Night Out
18th - 19th Black Belt Exams
23rd - 26th Closed for Thanksgiving

December: (Courage and Perseverance)
28th - 3rd Stripe prep week
5th - 6th Stripe exams #3 (24 classes)
9th Parents night out
17th Black Belt Graduation
19th Leadership Kama begin
24th – 26th Closed for Christmas
31st - 1st Closed for New Years

*Dates are subject to change. Any changes will be noted on the schools monthly calendar of events and online at www.umaskarate.com"