"My family and I started taking Karate at U.M.A.S. Karate a little over 3 years ago. My wife was skeptical and concerned how our kids would react. To date the outcome has been more than we could have hoped for. My daughter was very shy when we began this journey. So shy that she didn’t want to test because she would have to stand in front of the class and be the center of attention. She is so different now. She decided to sign up for the Instructors Training Course and now helps teach others Karate. She would never have done something like that without Karate. My son has also grown tremendously. He is much more controlled and confident. He is also a member of ITC and loves teaching others. We have learned that Karate teaches you more than self defense. It prepares you for life.”

"In the beginning Rahim was a shy, but intelligent young boy. Rahim was only 3 years old when he started in the Tiny Tigers Program. He is the oldest of his siblings and wasn't around many kids his age. Rahim was not very sociable. Since he has been in the Tiny Tigers program at UMAS, Rahim has gained confidence in himself. Through his new found confidence he has become a leader. He is not intimidated by older peers, but is confident in himself. Rahim plays with his peers and really feels like a part of the team. Rahim is eager to participate in class and to help others learn karate. This young boy who once did not say much to anybody and wasn't comfortable around people he didn't know, now loves competition. He is confident competing at the tournaments in front of people. Rahim is motivated by his peers to keep striving for the best. He has always been a kind boy. Now he talks about his friends at Karate and what he can do for his teachers. Rahim self esteem soars when he feels he is progressing in karate. Karate has given Rahim the opportunity to display not only confidence, but determination, self control, motivation, courage and respect for the sport. Rahim has learned what it means to be a part of something. He is eager to attend classes everyday and looks forward to being around his peers." Mr. and Mrs. Zareef about son Rahim (4), Salem Road location.